Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Cone of Silence

So I went to Exposition yesterday. I spent about an hour. It was really great. Very glad I went. My day after that went pretty normal. I went out to dinner with a few friends and a few of my friends' friends.
Anyhoo, two women sat across from me and continued to talk about me in a not so quiet voice. They did have their hands over their mouths when they did this, so I guess that means I couldn't hear them. No, I am the type of person who takes great offense to this. I mean, what reason could anyone have to not love me(let alone dislike me). Seriously, I had done nothing to elicit this from them...unless you count me talking about travis the monkey?
I'm pretty sensitive and fairly mean. I'm the type, that when that kind of thing happens, I will hop on my broomstick(no need to pop on a prosthetic witch nose with wart, as my nose will suffice) and start hurling the insults. However, this time, after I got over being offended, I remained calm. I thought to myself. I haven't done anything wrong. These women have no reason to be so mean. Therefore I do not need to defend myself nor do I need to stoop to their level. Christ did everything right and people talked bad about Him. Even while He was doing good, people said He was possessed and told lies about Him. So I sat there and took it. It was not easy. But the more I meditated on it and united it with Christ's suffering, the easier it got. But the end of dinner, I was wanting them to be meaner to me. I am stunned!!!!!!!!! This can only be because I spent time in Adoration and received Grace. Clearly this is not from me, I'm a nasty beast. I wait for people to say something snotty so I can say something ignoble back. Now here I am waiting for people to say something snarky just so I can suffer silently.
Next time at Adoration I will ask for a pot of gold ;)
I will definitely be going back as often as possible.

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