Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In my not so humble opinion, I think everyone should join the Living Rosary and the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary....if you feel up to the obligation. They are not under the pain of sin, but you should be willing the fulfill the obligation if you join. Both are very indulgenced. The Living Rosary assigns you one decade for the rest of your life and you say that decade everyday. It is united with 14 other people and counts as having said the entire 12 decades. It has really changed my life.
I have not had anything blog-worthy to write in almost a week(unless there is interest in my repeated nightmares about knitting?), so you have to suffer through articles and vids. I am currently trying to overcome human respect. Who knew I had so far to go? I thought I was already at the bottom of that food chain. I have told one relative that I am no longer giving my opinion on such things as clothing, etc. To which she repeatedly held up outfits wanting to know my REAL opinion.
It was getting to me, the lukewarm route I was taking. When someone would hold up pasties and a thong, not wanting to say the obvious "THAT'S IMMODEST!," I would say, "hey is that rhine stone on those pasties," or "Is that thong turquoise, I love turquoise." Sitting on this fence was starting to give me hemorrhoids.
I am sure there is a blog to follow the situation comedy that will come of this. Until then, I will be posting little and hiding my face in the corner.


  1. How did you know this? Actually I bludgeoned her in the living room with the wrench.

  2. And with her last dying breath she wanted to know how CKB and Lilly dresses has morphed into "thongs and pasties"?

  3. It was not a far leap. Apparently you were not here when Charlotte saw such a dress and yelled, "mommy, she's naked."

  4. quit talking about me

  5. What is 'blog worthy' anyway? Great blog you have here. Wish I was 'in the know' on the comments...

  6. "blog worthy" means that it is worth blogging about. I don't have a very interesting life and I don't want to bore everyone to tears with the minutia of my dull existance;)
    The comments are a back and forth b/t a relative over a conversation I had with another relative, relative to the blog above. lol.