Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Our Lady of Fatima said that we should love poverty. Not that I live in poverty now, but I am trying to give riches the shake move. I try to pray for a love of poverty when I pray the Joyful Mysteries. I mean, the Third Joyful, the Nativity, the Holy Family had nothing(and everything). On the fourth Joyful, the Presentation, Our Lady took two Turtledoves(Luke2:24) because they were a poor family(Leviticus5:7). It's not so easy to reject worldly goods and to love simplicity. I recall at one point seeing a nice cell phone my sister got this past summer and getting quite jealous. Then I got really embarrassed for being so jealous.
Anyhoo, I decided that when it was time to get a new cell for myself I would get the free one. So I did this and I am awaiting it's arrival in the mail. While I am trying to DO and HAVE less stuff, I am far from LOVING this(although I am happier). All I can think about is what kind of monstrosity of a cell phone I will be getting. I am picturing a refrigerator with an antenna being wheeled up to the door.
Needless to say I have to step up my devotion to the Rosary!

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