Monday, March 9, 2009


Pray that everyone goes to Heaven(even Ted Kennedy!) Remember, if St. Stephen had not prayed for his persecutors the Church would probably not have had the gift of St. Paul.

What it's like:
Proverbs 1
26 I also will laugh in your destruction, and will mock when that shall come to you which you feared. 27 When sudden calamity shall fall on you, and destruction, as a tempest, shall be at hand: when tribulation and distress shall come upon you: 28 Then shall they call upon me, and I will not hear: they shall rise in the morning and shall not find me: 29 Because they have hated instruction and received not the fear of the Lord, 30 Nor consented to my counsel, but despised all my reproof.

Deuteronomy 32
22 A fire is kindled in my wrath, and shall burn even to the lowest hell: and shall devour the earth with her increase, and shall burn the foundations of the mountains. 23 I will heap evils upon them, and will spend my arrows among them. 24 They shall be consumed with famine, and birds shall devour them with a most bitter bite: I will send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the fury of creatures that trail upon the ground, and of serpents.25 Without, the sword shall lay them waste, and terror within, both the young man and the virgin, the sucking child with the man in years.

Who goes there:
For many are called, but few chosen. (St. Mark 20:16)

Behold how many there are who are called, and how few who are chosen! And, if you have no care for yourself, your perdition is more certain than your amendment, especially since the way which leads to eternal life is so narrow. (St. John of the Cross)

How narrow is the gate and how strait the way that leads to life, and few there are who find it. (St. Matthew 7:13-14)

Do not be deceived; there are only two roads: one that leads to life and is narrow; the other that leads to death and is wide. There is no middle way. (St. Louis Marie de Montfort)

Oh how much are worldlings deceived who think to go to Heaven by the wide way that leadeth only to perdition! The path to Heaven is narrow, nor can it be trodden without great toil; and therefore wrong is their way and assured their ruin who, after the testimony of so many saints, will not learn where to settle their footing. (St. Robert Southwell)

The greater number of men still say to God: "Lord, we would rather be slaves of the devil and condemned to Hell than be Thy servants. Alas, the greatest number - we may say nearly all - offend and despise Thee, my Jesus. How many countries there are in which there are scarcely any Catholics, and all the rest either infidels or heretics! And all of them are certainly on the way to being lost. (St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori)

What do you think? How many of the inhabitants of this city may perhaps be saved? Out of this thickly-populated city, not one hundred people will be saved! I doubt whether there will even be as many as that! (St. John Chrysostom)

Brethren, the just man shall scarcely be saved. What, then, will become of the sinner? (St. Arsenius)

If the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly sinner appear? (I St. Peter 4:18)

Scarcely anyone is saved. (St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori)

If you would be quite sure of your salvation, strive to be among the fewest of the few. Do not follow the majority of mankind, but follow those who renounce the world and never relax their efforts day or night so that they may attain everlasting blessedness. (St. Anselm)

So vast a number of miserable souls perish, and so comparatively few are saved! (St. Philip Neri)

The number of the saved is as few as the number of grapes left after the pickers have passed. (St. John Mary Vianney)

It shall be as when a man gathers in the harvest, and the fruit that shall be left shall be as a single cluster of grapes; two or three berries on top of a bough; or four or five on the top of a tree. (Isaias 17:5-6)

The destiny of those dying on one day is that not as many as ten went straight to Heaven; and those cast into Hell were as numerous as snowflakes in winter. (Bl. Anna Maria Taigi)

I tremble when I see how many souls are lost these days. They fall into Hell like leaves from the trees at the approach of winter. (St. John Mary Vianney)

Only a few will be saved; only few will go to Heaven. The greater part of mankind will be lost forever. (St. John Neumann)

There are a select few who are saved. (St. Thomas Aquinas)

The number of the Elect is so small - so small - that, were we to know how small it is, we would faint away with grief. One here and there, scattered up and down the world! (St. Louis Marie de Montfort)

They shall be so few that they shall easily be counted, and a child shall write them down. (Isaias 10:19)


  1. Thanks for "stumbling" by my blog!Here is a link to the vision of Hell of St. John Boscoe:
    It literally scared the hell out of me!

  2. Excellent! I need to get his book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was just arguing how the Bible says though many are called, few are chosen. No one will believe that. The priests gloss over it. But even I didn't think those saved would be in the rare category. Lord save us.

  4. The above quotations have just reminded me why I gave up Catholicism. It is essentially a religion based on fear. The God portrayed by the above quotation is actual not loving but instead legalistic and cruel.

  5. The beliefs of the saints quoted above leads even an unintelligent person to pose the question how can a allegedly all loving God condemn someone to eternal torment for a triviality? If not many people are saved it would have been kinder if God had not created the human race in the first place.

  6. The problem with the Catholic Church is that it takes upon itself the task of defining what a sin is. But these definitions of sin change over the years according to movements within the church. If something is wrong it is always wrong. It cannot become right simply because the church changes its definitions. Can anyone seriously believe that a person deserves to suffer eternally because they ate meat on Friday? This was once a rule within the Catholic Church. It is not a sin now to eat meat on Friday. Therefore everyone who ate meat on Friday, in the past, and died in a state of mortal sin is in hell whereas a person who eats meat now and dies without repentance will not be damned for eternity. This is ludicrous. I think this approach by the Catholic church has brought it into disrepute. I am a Catholic but I can sympathise with the Protestant position i.e bypass the church and have a personal relationship with God based on common sense